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    As Independence Day approaches, I wanted to take a moment to reiterate the importance of our "Made in USA" labels that we proudly sew into every garment. Raven & Crow is made here because I am here. The concept for this company was born and realized right here in Los Angeles. I love being able to meet each and every person who cuts, sews, dyes and finishes every piece. 
    As more and more information comes out about the realities of conditions in factories overseas I am bolstered to my commitment. It is more expensive to make clothes here. There are reasons for that - workers are paid fair wages, employers pay taxes and cost of doing business here is higher than in other countries. To me, it's all worth it. R&C may cost a bit more than other sleepwear lines but I sleep better knowing that I've given to my community by keeping jobs here and making sure the people who make these garments are safe and happy. 
    Happy birthday America! 

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